My Thoughts...

  • Uniqueness makes things meaningful.
  • I believe in the United States of America and to be an American citizen is a blessing.
  • A Promise must be kept.
  • The best way to return home after being outdoors is with dirt on my clothes and leaves in my hair.
  • It's important to take care of the closest ones first.
  • High-heels are all terrain shoes.
  • God will judge people based on the opportunities they are given, which I find sort of scary because I have been very fortunate.
  • I believe in letting people know they are appreciated and have value.
  • Laughter should be an everyday occurrence.

Guilty Pleasures...

  • Setting the silverware incorrectly to see who rearranges theirs.
  • Talking to strangers in elevators... peoples reactions are funny (I have never understood the unwritten rule of silence in the elevator).
  • People watching; the zoo is the best place for it. Maybe I have just been to too many but I find that people are more entertaining than the animals.
  • Cracking open a mouth watering Cinnabon once everyone has boarded a plane.
  • Aimlessly driving around when it rains to hit the puddles and hear the water slosh and spray.
  • Jumping on the back of the grocery cart and riding it to my SUV, or in that general area depending on my aim.
  • Hand Sanitizer...I hate germs!
  • When there is not polite way to pass on gross food, I slip it onto a friends plate when no one is looking.

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